I’m not a computer person,i’m a pen paper person.So give me that personal diary and I can fill in the pages without blinking twice.But to type out posts for this blog,where it is going to be on the WORLD WIDE WEB, for the WHOLE WIDE WORLD to see and judge is not my glass of frappe(not a cup of tea as I do not drink tea but then I do not write blogs either:-P)
So after putting in a LOT of ‘serious’ thought,the lazy person that I am,I had’nt yet gotten down to any ‘serious’ work until this moment BUT thank god for spontaneity:-D And thank god for my teacher who even at the end moment does not forget to remind me,”zeishah,you need to enjoy this fun excercise and not look at it like a daunting task”.Also like my wise friend quipped,”your work is to go with the flow and write for the love of it and not care whether people like it or not because while some will like some will not.Hell! some may not even understand it BUT thats not your problem”
So not caring for the ‘TRPS’ or followers:-P here goes my brave attempt at blogging…

9 thoughts on “BLOGGING

  1. sanaa khan

    amazing work.. i thoroughly enjoyed reading it.. i love the humourous appraoch to it nd appreciate da honesty in da blog.. it ws lot of fun to read nd has me all excited to read more frm u.. keep it up keep writing.. love it… and i must agree i dont like tea very much either lol.. 😉 :Dsanaa 🙂


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