Keeping up with make up : my new found(ation) love!

Whoa look what we’ve come to! My very first post about makeup. I’m venturing into this territory that was hitherto alien to me. So yes all your feedback is welcome.

Now back to business.

From being absolutely averse to makeup, I first used lipstick at the age of 20, to now breaking my bank for makeup products (yeah I have about 9 MAC products currently and those definitely didn’t come cheap) it’s been quite a ride.

                                                    Check these MAC beauties out ❤

It all started off when a friend gifted a MAC voucher for my 23rd birthday. I then saved up for one of their makeup classes. I thought it was a great deal since the amount you paid for the class you could redeem for their products. Alas, the “makeup artists” weren’t half as excited as I was about the class. All they cared about was force selling their products. And that is how I got strapped with super thick full cover foundation I didn’t need. What’s worse? They have about 4 different varieties of foundation but couldn’t be interested in informing or educating anyone about it. This isn’t even a one off. There have been other similar instances. So here is a tip: meet the person before the appointment, see if you’re comfortable with them and if they’re pleasant and patient by nature. Unfortunately for me the person I’d met and decided on wasn’t available when I actually went in for the class.

Makeup haul
MAC + Sephora + Benefit + Urban Decay

                                             Notice the huge difference in prices?

The hoola matte bronzer from Benefit is available for 29$ in the USA but to order it here in India you would pay upwards of Rs5000/-. The Urban Decay pallet would cost you Rs6299/- on in India but almost half the price on Sephora USA. Even better? It was on sale! So I essentially spent just Rs1942/- for this gorgeous product. Also the packaging is to die for!

There are many many examples like these. I got the Benefit ‘they’re Real’ push up liner for a whole thousand rupees cheaper. They also offer size options, so you could get a smaller size for even lesser! Also the MAC face and body foundation here is Rs2450/- for 50ml but at the same price you could get a 120ml bottle in the USA. If you’re looking at getting the customized 15 shade eye shadow pallet you’d save thousands ordering it online on the USA site.

                                                               USA makeup haul

Now how to get these to India? If you happen to be travelling there or have friends/family that can bring back these goodies for you, you’re a lucky person.
But if like me, you have none of these options available to you then follow what I did. I used A friend recommended this site after much research. And yes it actually worked! You register with them, they give you a local address for US or UK. You ship your order to them and they in turn ship it to your India address.  Easy peasy! They’re also pretty responsive on email and phone so I kept checking practically every day. On the price front they have a minimum cost of Rs2000/- even if the package weighs less than a kilo. Luckily for me they had a festive discount of 40% so I paid Rs1248/-(including tax).That amount was prepaid. On arrival I had to pay the customs cost of Rs551/-. Still a decent price to pay to receive my package safely.Also don’t stress in case you don’t own a credit card like me, SOFU accepts debit cards and now so does Paypal!

I guess that sorts out your concerns.
Happy shopping lovelies!

PS : I’d love to hear of your experiences and your favorite products! Feel free to connect 🙂

3 thoughts on “Keeping up with make up : my new found(ation) love!

  1. Ponnu

    With your clear, beautiful skin, you don't need to put on any foundation. So the colours cosmetics are fine and I think you're set for a long, long, long time. Don't fill your shelves with products you'll barely use as there is a limited shelf life. Having said that, I'm proud to see you getting value for money and shopping wisely. Great going.


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