Solo traveller

Done to death, right?

Well try it for yourself and you’ll be joining in the clique too!

Ive never been one to follow the trends or simply go along with something coz its ‘cool’. So no this isn’t one of those posts.

That said, it’s just SO much easier to head off on your own without having to worry about another person and accounting for their comfort, preferences and dislikes. Selfish? Maybe. But hey you gotta love & live for yourself first right?!

Not that I ever imagined myself jet setting off to a location solo. But here is how it happened: one of those million flight company promotional emails landed in my inbox (think “Airfares starting from Rs 737* on major airlines!” “Annual sale is here. Fares for domestic routes at Rs. 737 only. Hurry, book now!” I’d like to know how both of them arrived at the same price). It was a particularly slow day and I had been wishing to get away from it all for a while (don’t we all! I bet you’re longing for a holiday right about now) and that is how in a moment of inspiration I did something I’d never done before! Yea cue the thumbs up ad – aaj kuch toofani karte hain!

If I had to ask my friends if they were interested in joining in, decide on a location, discuss prices, wait for them to get permissions/approvals, fix dates, plan itinery; basically in the time you’ve taken to read this I had booked my tickets! See how much easier it is?

I almost couldn’t believe what id done. It was a first for me. I booked tickets five months in advance for a week in Delhi. I’d never been there before and thought why not?! You’re probably thinking, ‘single girl in Delhi, for a week that too she’s never been there before? Sure shot recipe for trouble.’ But no! I had the most brilliant time! Planning my trip on my own, doing the research and making the bookings, finding my way to all the places and figuring one day to the next: the thrill and independence of it all is unmatched. Yes, I kept to myself and carried pepper spray for the first time in my life but in those unknown crowds I found myself.

At the beautiful Humayun’s tomb

At the India Gate

At The Taj Mahal, Agra

The next solo trip happened when I had a show in Bangkok. It was the perfect opportunity since the event company took care of the flights and stay until the event. I asked for the return tickets to be booked for a week later and used that time to explore Bangkok, Phuket and Phi Phi islands. It was my first passport stamp ever and I was practically mad with joy. Imagine clear blue waters, clean pristine beaches, a good book or two and yes that is what heaven looks like my friend. I booked on airbnb on the go and planned the whole thing on my own and despite the language handicap I managed to find my way and do my own thing. At Phuket I even rented a scooter and rode around the island taking in all the beautiful shades of blue as I went from one beach to another. I saw people riding in their bikinis as well. It was all so liberating.

First time flying abroad!

Riding around in Phuket
At the Chatuchak market in Bangkok

Hmmm it was all so peaceful…I can see it all play out in my head all over again ❤

Oh and in case you’re wondering where did all these pictures come from? Well I always find people kind enough to get pictures of me☺

Well I can’t wait to go off on another trip all by myself but here’s my advice to you: don’t think about the funds, the leave approvals and the other hundred reasons not to go. That’s always going to be there and until you actually go you won’t realize that you could make it happen. Beg and borrow also if you must as money can be earned back but don’t keep that experience waiting! So as clichéd as it sounds – Just do it!

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