Feed My City

Its been exactly a week since Feed my city hosted a live concert on YouTube to raise funds. A unique initiative that brought together CXOs from across the globe, jamming from within their homes, in a bid to raise funds. These funds would go towards feeding the migrant and daily wage workers who had been the worst affected in the midst of this pandemic.

What started off in Bangalore has now spread across five cities (Noida, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore) and Feed my city has been at it every single day clocking over 3 million meals to date. And while they run the show on ground, the good people on the internet help to keep this momentum going. What is also amazing is that some of these folks working behind the scenes haven’t actually met but thanks to technology have been collaborating and coordinating this mammoth task! Equally amazing are the performers; Videos came in different parts of the world, some featuring their kids and pooches, some had the artist multi tasking (singing and playing various instruments), while others had original songs dedicated to corona. All in all a heartening effort to ensure we reach out to as many displaced folks as possible.

Personally, I signed up for this over a phone call (I mean who needs convincing for this cause right?!) and was so moved by the initiative and stories that pour in everyday from on ground. After all that time of sitting home, scrolling on social media and feeling angst at how our workers were being treated, I finally had a chance to do more than contribute online, a chance to make a larger impact! It helped that I also saw alumni from my college (ISB) leading the way and performing at this fundraiser concert. I remember on the day of the shoot I was fasting and everyone around me was so concerned but it made me realize that I knew what time I could eat (and even count down to it and prep for it) but there were lakhs of folks at a disadvantaged situation who had no idea when they would have their next meal. So much for ‘all Indians are my brothers and sisters’, repeating it every morning at the school assembly but never actually looking out for our fellow citizens. But now more than ever we need to inculcate a sense of community, one that goes beyond our circles and gated societies. Our well being is dependent on them and even apart from that this is basic humanity isnt it? and that is why Id request you drop by KVNfoundation.com and even check out the concert here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_B8YlGX86k&t=13s

Thankyou for being patient and sticking it out until here. Here is a smiley face for you!

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