On the 9th of September the auditions for Nokia Radio One College Champions was held at our college Jyoti Nivas. Not being an avid radio listener I did not know much about this whole contest. But my close friend and to be teammate was over the top excited about it hence I decided there was no harm in giving it a try. There weren’t many teams participating which of course made our work easier but one of the teams happened to be a classmate and close friend. As much as I hated going against them there wasn’t much choice. Our judges were an RJ from the station and a fashion designer. The competition had three rounds wherein we had to talk for a minute in radio format, pitch our own show and answer a Bollywood quiz. We sailed through it all, so did our friends. Throughout this while I was as cool as a cucumber while my teammate was all jitters. Finally it was time for the results, I seriously thought my friend would win as they were brilliant and we’d come in second or alternatively we’d tie. But I was caught off guard when we came first. It was an exuberant moment but I was in tears as I couldn’t help feeling that this would adversely affect our ties.
Luckily for me it did not, as it so happened that my team mate had to back out because of attendance and hostel restrains (that was a blow it was and mighty sad too) and my close friend and classmate became my new team mate (now thank god for that otherwise I would have to back out and then this piece would never have come about).So you see overall ties were strengthened. But once there our friendship, my patience, tolerance levels, principles, individuality, creativity-ALL this was subjected to and put through immense torture. How we managed to save our souls (SOS) and our selves is an unpleasant memory I do not wish to delve.
One extremely pleasant memory that will always remain with me is the two hours we were on air. I can safely say that those two hours have made it to my list of bestest memories ever. We played a lot of music for the city with a little story backing each song-our memories related to the song. We made a lot of dedications too:-).Then we had loads of celebrities endorsing us and asking the city to vote for us so that we could become the nokia radio one college champions (which didn’t really help much but ah well…) and finally we had our links (segments in which we spoke).Our links were hilarious-we spoke about the ‘brilliant’ English few lecturers speak, ridiculous shayari and had a funny take on break ups and exes. Knowing that your voice is reaching hundreds and bringing a smile to their face is in itself a high. It is that kick that I love and crave for…


While I sit at the table,trying to pen this piece at a late hour of the night, I take a moment to word my thoughts.And while I tame my myriad thoughts into coherence I can hear the sound of her breathing.Peaceful and rhythmic,in-out-in -out and just listening to that in the dark quiet of the night I feel a deep sense of comfort and belonging.

I know it sounds alien but you see she is ALL I have in this big bad world…and though i’m 18,unconciously i’m still that toddler who needs to be reassured that her mother is right there beside her.She is ALL i’v had since I was five…
No Ido not have a father, noI don’t remember uttering the words papa or dad~its a pleasure i’v been denied for no apparent fault of mine.My mother has not only been my mother but also my father.The protector,the sole earner,the man of the house,the homemaker,the teacher,the emotional supporter,the cheerleader…ALL these and MANY more roles she has carried out with aplomb.Hence I say “MY MUMMY STRONGEST!”:-)

I have,like many others,accepted and come to terms with the harsh reality but sadly society cannot digest this.Where my mumma ensured I NEVER feel the absence of dad(by giving me the best of everything and shaping every aspect of the individual I am today),society and people who I called my friends ensured that this fact was well rubbed in.Please let me tell you-its hard enough without having you make me feel abnormal because frankly speaking IM NOT! and NO! I do not need your sympathy.If anything,IM MIGHTY PROUD-of my upbringing,myself,my mother.

So when I hear things like,”Oh you’re a single parent child na…”,”you know what its a good thing you dont have a dad…”,”these single parent kids na..they’re always a little…” or worse of all,someone with both their parents around says,”even im a single parent kid,sympathise with me also!”. I do not know what they mean by such statements, they may mean nothing at all but thats pointless as its all been said and done. And it wrenches my heart which bleeds for the father I never had, for all the notes I wrote to a non existant papa, for all the pain mumma endured, for the baby who had no shoulder to sit on, for the emotional upheaval mum went through, for all the torture I put her through…as a foolhardy teenager in my bid to be strong,independent and bold like her.
And now…every movie we watch together,every picture we take together, every conversation of ours and ALL the advice that she passes on to me-I hold close to my heart and cherish.My only regret being why did’nt this realisation hit me earlier?!?

But like my mother always tells me~’whatever happens happens for the good.You may not understand that now but you will some day.So for now untill then just accept it’:)


I’m not a computer person,i’m a pen paper person.So give me that personal diary and I can fill in the pages without blinking twice.But to type out posts for this blog,where it is going to be on the WORLD WIDE WEB, for the WHOLE WIDE WORLD to see and judge is not my glass of frappe(not a cup of tea as I do not drink tea but then I do not write blogs either:-P)
So after putting in a LOT of ‘serious’ thought,the lazy person that I am,I had’nt yet gotten down to any ‘serious’ work until this moment BUT thank god for spontaneity:-D And thank god for my teacher who even at the end moment does not forget to remind me,”zeishah,you need to enjoy this fun excercise and not look at it like a daunting task”.Also like my wise friend quipped,”your work is to go with the flow and write for the love of it and not care whether people like it or not because while some will like some will not.Hell! some may not even understand it BUT thats not your problem”
So not caring for the ‘TRPS’ or followers:-P here goes my brave attempt at blogging…