(This is my third post in the series of Radio One articles.)
“You’re listening to 94.3 Radio One Namma hundred percent Bollywood music station. I’m MJ Zeishah and I’m MJ Akanksha, your quick heal Radio One College champions from Jyoti Nivas College session 2011 ab meri bari he and you’re listening to the Namma Radio One top 10 and on this week’s countdown on position number 10, 9 and 8 we have…”
Ah these heavenly words have been forever etched in my heart and mind by repeating them every single week over a span of three months. Why? Because that is how long our contract period was as we had won the Radio One College Champions season 2011. Yes, despite losing the overall championship the previous season we had hope in our hearts and faith in our skills to be courageous enough to participate again. This time over it was smooth sailing and I experienced fulfilment and contentment of epic proportions after our recording session. The consequence of which was our victoryJ by ‘we’ I mean myself and Akanksha of course. I can safely say that this feat would be unimaginable without her.
And so began our 3 month stint at radio jockeying where every week on Sunday afternoons between 1 and 2 we would count down the top10 songs of the week. The only stipend being the excessive joy and experience I gained out of this episode of my life. Easily one of the best things to have happened to meJtry as I might to put into words my feelings at that time it would be grossly inadequate. How can I explain to you the joy that I feel when I know that I am bringing a smile to so many people who I do not know and might never see? Knowing that so many people are listening to my voice and smiling, singing along or guffawing at our stupid jokes? Knowing that so many people while tuning in are proudly exclaiming ‘listen to this girl, I know her’? The rush of being ‘on air’ and simultaneously reaching out to hundreds maybe even thousands of people? Transmitting to them through the medium of air all my feelings of foolishness, excitement, exhilaration and contentment- it is a high that no drug can procure.
But like all good things come to an end our show did too. Fortunately it was only the show that came to an end not the experience, feeling or memories. And therefore to be an RJ/MJ continues to be a cherished dream of mineJ a lot of people who know me are completely confident I will achieve this dream and their faith is largely what keeps my ‘chin up’ as one of my mentors said “if not in yourself believe in people who believe in you”. And that is exactly what I intend on doingJ– and hopefully someday my voice will ring out loud and clear again over the air waves.
P.S. At a recently held media fest we walked away with the first place in the RJ contest. It was judged by a popular RJ from Fever104 fm.


After the disastrous night of 2nd November (that’s when the radio one results were announced) I felt that everything had fallen apart and there was no point in continuing to exist. I don’t know if it sounds melodramatic, childish or silly-I hadn’t worked so hard for anything else ever before. From 9 in the morning to past 9 in the night every day of mine was spent at the radio one office working away at the links and developing them further. Mind you I wasn’t getting paid for any of this slogging either but that really didn’t figure because I loved what I was doing and I wanted to do it. It gave me a deep sense of satisfaction but when it all amounted to nothing-it was as though everything had come crashing down around me. I think the worst part of it all was not knowing why we lost out on the coveted title; there seemed no justification for it. That’s when I had decided that I would never set foot at the radio one office ever again-I had had enough after all.
Whoever said never say never sure knew what he was talking about. I really missed office; I didn’t care if I went there and did nothing except sit around. I used to spend my entire day there hence now my days seemed empty and I would be listless. Before long I found myself there (along with my team mate: it doesn’t seem right without her and I lack the courage to go alone) again. Yes it’s never going to be the same and the ghosts of the past still do haunt; I’ve never really gotten over the night of 2nd November.
It started off with visiting office because we missed it. This progressed to going to office for we needed help-as we are media students and that’s a media house. It’s now come down to going there ‘simply because’… :-). Still isn’t easy but time heals all. Although I still remember how hard it was for me to step into the recording studio because the last we were there was on the day we were on air. And even once inside I was restless to leave. Somehow the charm that the microphone held for me was not at work any longer; at that point in time when I was standing inside that studio all I could think of was ‘what if…’.But then it suddenly hit me that this was the exact place where we had created wonderful memories and work that I’m extremely proud of-all our links, our show, us on air the wonderful, wonderful ‘high’ feeling and the beautiful memoriesJ.
Theyre all mine for keepsJ


On the 9th of September the auditions for Nokia Radio One College Champions was held at our college Jyoti Nivas. Not being an avid radio listener I did not know much about this whole contest. But my close friend and to be teammate was over the top excited about it hence I decided there was no harm in giving it a try. There weren’t many teams participating which of course made our work easier but one of the teams happened to be a classmate and close friend. As much as I hated going against them there wasn’t much choice. Our judges were an RJ from the station and a fashion designer. The competition had three rounds wherein we had to talk for a minute in radio format, pitch our own show and answer a Bollywood quiz. We sailed through it all, so did our friends. Throughout this while I was as cool as a cucumber while my teammate was all jitters. Finally it was time for the results, I seriously thought my friend would win as they were brilliant and we’d come in second or alternatively we’d tie. But I was caught off guard when we came first. It was an exuberant moment but I was in tears as I couldn’t help feeling that this would adversely affect our ties.
Luckily for me it did not, as it so happened that my team mate had to back out because of attendance and hostel restrains (that was a blow it was and mighty sad too) and my close friend and classmate became my new team mate (now thank god for that otherwise I would have to back out and then this piece would never have come about).So you see overall ties were strengthened. But once there our friendship, my patience, tolerance levels, principles, individuality, creativity-ALL this was subjected to and put through immense torture. How we managed to save our souls (SOS) and our selves is an unpleasant memory I do not wish to delve.
One extremely pleasant memory that will always remain with me is the two hours we were on air. I can safely say that those two hours have made it to my list of bestest memories ever. We played a lot of music for the city with a little story backing each song-our memories related to the song. We made a lot of dedications too:-).Then we had loads of celebrities endorsing us and asking the city to vote for us so that we could become the nokia radio one college champions (which didn’t really help much but ah well…) and finally we had our links (segments in which we spoke).Our links were hilarious-we spoke about the ‘brilliant’ English few lecturers speak, ridiculous shayari and had a funny take on break ups and exes. Knowing that your voice is reaching hundreds and bringing a smile to their face is in itself a high. It is that kick that I love and crave for…